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The Continuing Assault On Social Security

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:55 pm    Post subject: The Continuing Assault On Social Security Reply with quote

The Continuing Assault on Social Security

“For decades, AARP — the nation's largest advocacy group for seniors — has been viewed as the most powerful defender of Social Security. As a result, any hint that the organization might entertain benefit cuts would be seen as an abrupt about-face. But that's precisely what happened a few days ago, when a front page story in the Wall Street Journal proclaimed that the organization had dropped its long-standing opposition to cutting Social Security benefits. Almost as soon as the story appeared, AARP officials called it inaccurate and said it misconstrued the organization's position. There had been no change in policy, they said. But what really rankled David Certner, the organization's legislative policy director, was the timing of the story. It appeared just as negotiations on raising the federal debt ceiling were kicking into high gear. And Certner says it left the impression that AARP would not oppose benefit cuts as part of the effort to reduce the deficit.” For AARP A Monumental Shift on Social Security- Wendy Kaufman

The Kleptocrats and their flunkies in the media and Congress have set their sights on gutting Social Security and Medicare Programs under the guise of “deficit reduction.” Don't believe the hype. Their real goal is to reduce the US to third world status, where we live in a true life banana republic where the haves lord it over the have nots. Some say it's greed other say it's part of an overarching plan for a New World Order. No matter what they say the fact is this: the ruling elites want to do to us what they're doing to the Portuguese, Spanish, Greeks and the people of Iceland and Ireland--steal our assets (our savings, pensions Social Security etc) , raise our taxes so the international banksters who caused the economic collapse get bailed out while we go to the poorhouse.

Social Security started out as a modified Ponzi scheme where the taxes taken in were much greater than the benefits paid out to the original recipients when the program first started. Over the years the Social Security Trust Fund which is separate from the US Treasury built up a huge surplus worth hundreds of billions of dollars. However, when the Vietnam War drained the treasury and created massive deficits Lyndon Johnson raided the Social Security Trust Fund to pay down some (not all ) of the debt his policies caused. Every president since has been “borrowing” money (never repaying it) from the Social Security Trust Fund to the point it is approaching insolvency. That's right the fund itself is near broke. The reason it is approaching insolvency is because more baby boomers are retiring and drawing benefits, more people are filing for SSI, the economic slow down has unemployment at an all time high so less money is coming into the account but more importantly the government is taking from the Trust Fund to keep the deficits from going through the roof.

The ruling elites want to gut the program altogether for their own nefarious reasons. It is not a burdan to tax payers and if it had been left alone would have trillions in surplus funds to pay benefits for years to come! But nooo, the Kleptocratic psychopaths have bribed their flunkies in Congress to do their bidding, to further their plan to gut Social Security yet they while wage increasing wars all over the planet and cutting taxes for the super rich that have bankrupted this country.
“Pretending to be cutting taxes for the middle class, the cabal and its Congressional lackeys have cut payroll contributions to Social Security from 6.2% to 4.2%, representing a loss to the Social Security Fund of $140 billion the first year! The Obama/Republican Party 2 percent payroll tax cut actually means 2 percent of the 6.2 percentage points of total salary that now go into Social Security payroll taxes--30 percent of the total payroll tax money. Your paying payroll deductions of 6.2 percent is a way to build for your retirement. Your employer also pays 6.2 percent of your wages into the Social Security Fund. Reducing your payroll deductions by 2 percent is DETRIMENTAL to you--endangering your retirement. Your boss is HAPPY to reduce the amount he has to pay relative to your retirement. The Democrats and Republicans who voted for the tax cut bill believe workers are so stupid that they'll think this reduction of 2 percent--which they're falsely calling a tax reduction--is a benefit to workers.” The Cabal Is Destroying Social Security

The rich pay the Congress critters to cut their taxes so they can get richer while we loose our homes, our jobs, savings, pensions and social safety nets due to their schemes that have imploded the global economy!! To add insult to injury AARP the supposed advocate for senior citizens appears to have sold us out and is giving its blessing to cutting Social Security benefits to reduce the deficit. That is a specious argument especially since Social Security is a pay as you go program. The problem is and the AARP executives should know this, the federal government has been raiding the Social Security Trust Fund since the 1960's.

There are several things that could be done to make the program solvent, one is stop all these wars and bring the troops home. But the psychopaths and war mongers aren't going to do that. In fact they plan to wage even more wars under the guise of “national interests, humanitarianism, safety and security”. The most practical thing Congress could do is raise the rate of taxes the rich pay into Social Security based upon their income. This would generate billions in revenue and make the program whole again.
“One of the ways to make Social Security even more financially secure would be to tax all recipients equally. At present, the rich are taxed only on the first $106,800 of income. If this cap were removed, so the wealthy were taxed just like the less wealthy, the Social Security System could raise benefits across the board and restore cost-of-living adjustments.” ibid

Failure to do this means disaster for the Social Security program as we know it. The shysters and con men on Wall Street, London and in Washington D.C. are waging war on the rest of us. This is the same thing the IMF and World Bank do to third world nations. This is the same thing Goldman Sachs is doing to Greece, Ireland Spain and Portugal. This is class warfare at its most crass. Sadly working folks and the poor are going to take a major hit on this because the crooks on Wall Street and the yo-yos in Washington aren’t going to do the right thing. So don't be surprised when Obama goes along with the Kleptocrats’ plan to either gut altogether or privatize Social Security.

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