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Make SB Your Homepage!
Dec 24, 2009, 12:01

Thanks for being a part of the family. Thanks to those who have supported our paid subscriber drive. If you can't give, join the homepage drive! Make your homepage and get your family, friends, co-workers etc. to do the same. This simple act goes a long way to support Black-owned, grassroots media in an era of corporate giants.

Despite the emergence of more Black sites owned by big corporate media, we remain more convinced than ever of the need for a free territory for unfiltered Black voice and for a place to "write ourselves into existence."

The digital media landscape provides African-Americans and Africans of the Diaspora an excellent opportunity to own and support our own media with simply our clicks, which right now are going to Facebook, Myspace etc. and allow those sites to earn millions in advertising revenue. We know that our technology at can't compete with the biggies but, with your support, we'll get to the point that you can have your pages, photos, videos and conversations right here as well. You can already do this to some extent on the message boards. Send us a message if you;re interested. One love! And the best in 2010...
(Didn't I tell you that we won't stop? :>)

Free ways to support!
� Make your homepage!
� If you don't get our free newsletter, subscribe today! Subscribe your friends
� Visit early and often!
� Tell your friends to visit early and often!

To Set as Your Homepage:

***Internet Explorer ***
While you are online, select Tools from the menu above and to the left of your browser).
Select "Internet Options" or �Options� from the pull-down menu.
On the page that opens, you'll see an option to Add or Change Home Page
(language varies a bit depending on which version of IE you are using).
Click on this, and follow the simple steps to re-set your home page to

While you are online, Select Tools (upper left in your browser)
Select "Options" from the pull-down menu.
On the page that opens, click "Main".
Under �Startup,� choose the option to�show my homepage� and on the
window marked �homepage� type in

***Safari (Apple/Mac oo Windows)***
While you are online, select Edit (upper left in your browser).
Select "Preferences" from the pull-down menu
On the page that opens, click "General".
You'll see a "Home Page" text box...just enter

Thank you for supporting Black-owned media!

Click here to learn more about!

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